Full Day  & Half Day   Camps 


Rockaway, Denville, Dover, and Wharton Elementary School District Parents:

Stressed About Virtual Schooling?

Our Full Day Camp & After School Program: COVID Edition is the perfect solution for keeping your kids on track with their schoolwork and giving them the physical exercise and social interaction they need, all in a SAFE environment.

Raising Hands

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

  1. SAFETY.  Currently limiting enrollment to 12 kids only, following CDC and State approved COVID19 safety protocols.

  2. EDUCATION.  Over 30 years of combined experience provides structure and educators with adequate schoolwork assistance.

  3. EXERCISE.  Daily martial arts and structured physical activities critical for kids' fitness.

  4. SOCIALIZATION.  Pandemic-appropriate interaction kids are craving with social-distancing observed.

  5. THEMES.  Fostering continuity and structure through edutainment-focused concepts.

Parked School Buses

2020 School Year Options


    • Five Full Days 8:00am to 6:00pm with Distance Learning, Martial Arts, and Character Development included.

    • Three Full Days 8:00am to 6:00pm with Distance Learning, Martial Arts, and Character Development included.

  • HALF DAY PROGRAM.  OneTwoThreeFour, or Five after school days 2:00pm to 6:00pm with Martial Arts and Character Development included.

View the General Safety Protocols

You Got Questions? We Got Answers!

What is a typical day Schedule?

We base our daily schedule on the school district's digital learning schedule, and fill-in the time your child gets breaks with games, activities and of course, our powerful Martial Arts classes. Please keep in mind that we'll be making adjustments to the schedule as we learn exactly what to expect from the digital teachers.

  • 8:00am - Drop Off
  • 8:30am - Digital/Distance Learning Begns
  • 12:30pm - Lunch
  • 1:15pm - Martial Arts Class
  • 2:00pm - Theme Craft/Experiment
  • 3:00pm - Snack
  • 3:30pm - Physicial Activities
  • 4:15pm - Martial Arts Class
  • 5:00pm - Quiet Games & Pick Up

How many campers will you be accepting into the camp?

All of our options in aggregate will only be offered to 12 students. Due to limited availability, families wanting to participate are strongly encouraged to register early. Campers will be accepted at a first come, first serve basis.

Can I stop virtual learning camp at anytime?

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to all the families we service. As a result, if our camp is not meeting your expectations please let us know and we will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. However, cancellation may be submitted at any time via documented Exit Form with 30 days notice. All scheduled payments that have been processed, prior to your 30 days notice to cancel, are non-refundable.

What about school holidays?

We will keep you informed as the school year begins. This year brings many new and different challenges. Some hoidays may not be observed by schools this school year, while other [larger] holidays may still incur a Dojo closure.

Who will be watching over my child and assisting them with digital learning each day?

We have a small, dediated team with 5 to 30 years experience with children each.

What are parent's (child's) responsibility to bring daily?

Please pack their normal backpack with school items. Specifically, they will need a Chromebook/Laptop, Lunch (no nuts), 2 Snacks (no nuts), and large water bottle.

Does my child need to be martial arts student to participate?

NO, both current martial arts students and non-martial artists are welcome in this program; no experience necessary.

Will you require temperature checks?

YES, before entering our building all campers, staff and visitors will be required to:

  • Receive a temperature check (below 100 required)
  • Complete a physcal ailment screening
  • Sanitize hands thoroughly

Will parents be allowed into the facility during camp?

As per current State regulations, no one other than active participants and staff members may be inside the facility. We will check-in and exit the students at the front door. You may wait in your cars or create a socially-distanced line outside. We will do our best to communicate in bulk throughout the day.

Will campers, students, or staff be required to wear a mask?

Yes. Everyone in our building must wear a mask in accordance with State Regulations.

What social distancing measures will you have in place?

During digital learning and lunch times, all seats are placed 6 feet apart. During martial arts and other physical activities students will keep six feet distance, and activities will be limited (no sparring or partner drills) to eliminate personal contact.

Will students be allowed to use the water fountain?

No, we'll encourage students to bring water bottles to reduce touch points in the facility and staff will assist children with refilling water bottles.

What are the costs?

This school year we are currently offering three options: Full Day, Hybrid 3/2, and Half Day. Click the "Enroll" button to see full pricing and details on all three options.

How often does my child have to attend?

Great question! Note: We are keeping cohort sizes small, limiting people rotations, and requiring children be dropped-off and picked-up rather than bussed for critical state-mandated safety.

  • Full Day Option requires 5 Days/Week
  • Hybrid Option offers 3 Days/Week, includes 2 Half Days also
  • Half Day Option allows for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Days