We accept a LIMITED amount of new students for the upcoming school year! We are parents just like you and we know that you want your child to have awesome grades, tons of FUN, and to stay healthy and active! Be sure to keep reading about how we have the BEST After School Program in Rockaway, NJ!

This after school program is NOT a daycare, county park, or babysitter. We are much better! From the moment you join our after school team, you and your child will feel welcome because our after school program students are like family! We focus on your child’s success in School, Martial Arts, and life! Other after school programs “babysit” their kids, but we inspire our kids to be their BEST

Our After School Coaches are the BEST! You will feel safe and comfortable knowing that our after school programs and summer camps are operated by talented after school program coaches who have years of experience and who have all passed background checks!

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Rockaways's After School Programs

Why Choose Us?

Top 5 Reasons to choose this after school program:

  • Learn Martial Arts & Character Development!  No other summer camp offers certified martial arts instructors, bully prevention experts, and self-defense guru's as the coaches...but we do!  Get a great introduction to a complete martial arts program!​

  • A+ Homework Assistance!  As one of the foundations of our program, homework comes first.  Our coaches and instructors provide completion assistance whenever possible.  Once completed, students may show a coach to move onto structured fun.

  • Transportation is Included!  Using our own vehicles and team, we pick-up our after school students at their schools after dismissal, bus them back to our Dojo, and safely ensure their delivered to the program - 5 days per week!

  • Physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally engaged!  We created our program around learning first.  This teaches children structure in a positive way.  They learn to love being a team-member and group-contributor.

  • We are a learn-to-earn environment!  Campers earn and use points throughout the day and week to "get" things they want.  We add the parents to the software app right on your phones.  Stay connected with your child's progress, always!

  • BONUS REASONS: Limited Spaces & Fun!

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