Educational Activities

Your child is going to love our after school's educational activities! Throughout the entire summer we have new and exciting weekly themes that explore many interesting subjects! These lessons will keep your child smart and educated over the summer and prepared for school next year!
Check out these exciting topics:

  • Math Games!

  • Reading and Writing!

  • Science Experiments!

  • Fun History Facts!

  • Entrepreneurship!

  • Solar System!

  • Recycling!

  • Dinosaurs!

  • Oceans!

  • Leadership!

  • And Much More!


Fun Activities

These activities have a value of more than $450 per month and your child participates in them for FREE! Awesome!

  • Martial Arts Classes! ($150 value!)

  • Dance Classes! ($150 value!)

  • Tumbling Classes! ($150 value!)

  • Indoor/Outdoor Sports! 

  • Arts and Crafts!

  • Game Rooms!

  • Character Development!

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Martial Arts


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Martial Arts Education is a critical component of your child's success!  Your child will develop confidence, discipline, and respect through their Karate classes which they will experience two-to-three times per week.

Your child is going to learn how to become “Bully Proof!” This is especially important because we want your child to know how to responsibly handle situations involving bullies and how to stay safe! Parents love knowing that their children are learning valuable life skills in our after school program!

We set huge goals with our students! Your child is going to learn martial arts techniques that are fun and safe! Punching, blocking, and kicking are part of our exciting program! Your child is going to also have the opportunity to earn new belts and even become a black belt in our program!

Sports Classes


Your child is going to have so much fun playing sports such as: Soccer, Basketball, Flag-football, Kickball, and Dodgeball! These sports promote teamwork and they help our after school program students stay healthy and active!

We give our after school program students the opportunity to learn new drills as well as play scrimmage games with their friends! Your child’s cardio, strength, and speed will improve each week! These classes and activities are one of the many reasons why we are the best after school program in Rockaway, New Jersey!

Spots are going quickly in this after school program! Be sure to fill out the form at the top of this page and request more info, or call us right now at: 973-361-5425. We are happy to speak with you!

Arts and Crafts

Kids love being creative and using their imaginations! Our after school program is going to give your child the opportunity to draw, paint, color, and make awesome craft projects on a daily basis! Our after school program is focused on giving our students a fun and enjoyable experience! Your child is going to look forward to coming back each day!


Character Developmemt

Our goal is to inspire your child to be successful in school, sports, and in life! Each month we focus on a special character word that teaches our students how to be the BEST! Through this character education, you will notice your child improving in many ways that include:

  • Positive attitude!

  • Improved Grades!

  • Better listening skills!

  • Improved respect!

  • Amazing communication skills!

  • Honesty and integrity!

  • Confidence!

  • Perseverance!

  • And much more!


Game Room

This after school program has it all! Your child is going to enjoy having fun with his/her friends during structured free time in our game room! We have video games, Lego building stations, Barbie Houses, Littlest Pet Shop Playsets, Lincoln Logs, Hotwheels, and much more!

This is the perfect place for a kid to be a kid! The best part is that our students earn their daily free time by completing their homework and participating in sports classes! This ensures that they are productive and healthy each day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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